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On 12 June 2020, female year 7 & 8 students will visit companies and universities to find out more about professions in which the proportion of women employed is still below 40 percent. The aim of the action day is to expand the career choice spectrum of girls, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering, research and to build their aspirations toward leadership positions. Encouraging more girls to explore opportunities in STEM will lead to an influx of talented women into these sectors. Media will also be covering the event, meaning that Girls’ Day is a fantastic way for you to promote your university or business to the community.

Unlock talents and potential with your Girls' Day Program
Direct contact with companies, universities and women in STEM and in leadership roles, plus the practical experience are the main benefits of Girls’ Day:
  • Organise a program where girls can actively demonstrate their talents. Let them collaborate, work, tinker, research, experiment and experience success using their talents.
  • Career opportunities in the STEM area are incredibly diverse and offer excellent long-term prospects. Inform the girls about courses and degrees in STEM and present professional portraits ranging from generalist to specialist.
  • Role models play an important role in career choice. Connect the students with women in your organisation so they can stay in contact even after Girls’ Day.
Our support
The Goethe Institute will help you plan your program. Please get in touch with us and let us know how we can help.
+ We cover the costs of your afternoon tea
+ We organise a competition and a nationwide closing event.
+ We provide Girls´ Day tote bags for your giveaways

Organisation and registration
To register your program, please fill in the form below. Your program will be advertised on this website where the students can register to participate individually or as a group. The Goethe-Institut will then send you the contact details of the participants and their accompanying person.
Insurance and supervision
As a Girls’ Day host, you are responsible for the supervision of all students. For accident prevention and health and safety measures, the specific regulations for your organisation apply. You will be required to inform the students at the beginning of the day about the applicable health and safety measures and, if necessary, have sufficient protective clothing ready. Please clarify any questions about your liability for personal injury or material damage during the event with your public liability insurer.

​Please find more information on our flyer for Girls´Day hosts:

Registration Form for Girls´Day Hosts

Please register by 15 April 2020
Your program will be published on this website.  

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