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Application Deadline: 23 August, 2020 | 23:59 AEST time

Reflecting on experimentation and solidarity. Celebrating plurality. Discovering an epicenter for decolonial, queer feminist, migrant and diasporic perspectives. Experiencing new forms of artistic examination of contemporary living conditions. Checking the experiments on stage. Exploring an economical and sustainable 1 square meter house 

The Goethe-Institut is thrilled to launch an initiative that will enable both established and emerging founders, leaders, and managers of art spaces from Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand to network with counterparts in Germany. 

Focusing on art spaces and collaborative projects, this programme aims to create an environment in which every participant can thrive and unlock their full potential, which in turn will finally lead to a long-term exchange and cooperation among its participants. 

The programme would invite you to explore the following themes:  

On art spaces and collaborative works – Why did you start your space? What narratives were being built and will be developed which can validate your existence in the next years? What are your strategies to construct a fair, safe and democratic system around you? 

Art as social and thinking space — How should we perceive art now? How can artists and art institutions contribute to their communities? 

Culture politics — Can we investigate our own practices? Can we discuss current sociopolitical issues in a meaningful way? 

How is the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way art work and function? — The global disruption caused by COVID-19 has forced and accelerated changes in our lives. Artists are forced to reflect on wider themes than personal artistic expressions such as solidarity, flexibility, and collaboration, regardless of personal challenges and geographical distance.  

Responding to COVID-19, the programme is divided into two periods: 

1) ONLINE MEETINGS | 20 September – 10 October 2020 

Through digital platforms such as Zoom, the selected participants will meet and engage in moderated online conversations and virtual tours. This part will be held in up to three sessions per week over the course of three weeks @120 mins per session. The Goethe-Institut will be responsible for providing the digital platforms. 

2) MEET UP AND SITE VISIT in Berlin, Germany |
European Spring/Summer 2021

As a continuation of the digital interactions, a 7-day visit to Berlin will be organized, providing international flights allow. Joining the trip will give you the opportunities to meet people who work in arts spaces and collaborative projects in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. 

We will try to find the best possible way to realise this and notify the participants at least two months prior to the visit. Participation in this phase is open only for participants who have already joined the online phase in 2020. The Goethe-Institut will cover travel costs, including accommodation and meals in Germany, and will provide assistance in securing visas for the participants. 


- You are based in one of these countries: Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam 

- You have previously founded/led/managed and/or are currently working in an arts space

- You have previously been involved and/or are currently working in collaborative artistic projects 

- You are strongly interested in pursuing the sustainability of arts spaces and other artistic projects 

- You are eager to engage in dialogue and willing to empathize with people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives 

- You can communicate well in English


For applicants in Australia, please send the following application to email address:

- A link to download a max. 3-minute video about you, your work, and your space/project (max. file size 50 MB).  

- Your completed application form in English. Please download the form here: Please prepare your application only in digital form. We will not consider any application that is hand-written, printed or scanned.