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Rental Conditions

Bildausschnitt: beleuchteter, festlicher, vertäfelter Filmvorführraum


The films can be borrowed for non-commercial screenings only. Copying the films on to video or other formats is against the law. Unlawful screenings are subject to prosecution. Screening rights cannot be granted to third parties. The screenings can be announced through individual mailing or via press releases in news/editorial sections. Commercial advertisements for the screenings are not permitted.


The lending fee will cover transport from the NFSA to the venue, upon which it is the Borrowers responsibility to return titles via a traceable method of postage, such as Registered Mail, Express Post, or a commercial courier, at their own expense. The relevant tracking information is to be supplied to NFSA NTLC staff upon request. Titles should be returned no later than two weeks after screening and securely packaged using original boxes and packaging material.


Please send in your booking request well in advance. Please return prints according to the dates mentioned on the booking form.

Bookings can be made up to 15 months in advance of the borrowers scheduled screening date. The minimum booking time is 15 working days in advance of the screening date. An additional priority fee, including express freight fees, will be applied to loan bookings made with less than 15 working days notice.

Screening and Condition Report

Each borrower is requested to fill out a compulsory form (provided with the film) indicating the number of screenings held and the number of people who attended. Any damages to a film print must be reported to us immediately, giving details of the damages.

We will also email a copy of the screening report to the account holder on the screening date.

Screening equipment

16mm film prints are very sensitive and must be handled with care. In order to prevent damage, proper projection equipment is necessary. The equipment must be handled by qualified staff.

Damaged prints

Borrowers are liable for damages to film prints during the borrowing period and will be charged for the accordingly. To prevent damage to the film prints during transportation, the films have to be properly wound on spools and secured with the appropriate tape. Torn film portions must be fixed with professional splicing tape only. Under no circumstances should cello-tape be used for joining film strips. The Goethe-Institut reserves the right to refuse lending of films to those borrowers who cause damage to prints.

16mm films are sent ready to play along with a condition report noting any detected issues with the print, they are not to be rewound. Additional spools for take-in can be sent with titles upon request.

General Information

The Goethe-Institut reserves the right to refuse lending of films to any borrower who does not observe the conditions mentioned above. The Goethe-Institut Melbourne will not be held responsible in the event that for some reason beyond its control a booking cannot be entertained.


All institutions intending to borrow films have to first register by using the form on this website. Your institution will be issued a client number to be used for all future bookings. After registration you can book films from our collection.