Kultursymposium Weimar In the Home Stretch

The team has to do final preparations
The team has to do final preparations | Photo: Loredana LaRocca

It’s another two weeks before the sharing and exchanging starts in Weimar from a great variety of perspectives. From 1 to 3 June, activists and academics such as Jeremy Rifkin, Tomáš Sedlácek and Eva Illouz will get together to reflect on “The Sharing Game.” The five members of the project team shared their personal highlights with us.

Andreas Ströhl Andreas Ströhl | Photo: Loredana LaRocca Andreas Ströhl, project manager of the Kultursymposium Weimar, is working with ardour on the final details and eagerly awaits the opening:

My personal tip for visitors to the Kultursymposium is to attend the opening in the Weimarhalle on 1 June, where the Czech economist Tomáš Sedláček will explain why the economy needs culture as a “meta-economy” that lends it meaning. And Martin Schick’s performance Halfbreadttechnique on 3 June that will tempt cast members and the audience into astonishing types of sharing.

Eva Lämmerhirt Eva Lämmerhirt | Photo: Loredana LaRocca Eva Lämmerhirt, administrator, is making sure that all of the participants have a roof over their heads.
Visitors can look forward to artistic formats, discussions and exciting participants from around the world. The festival structure offers lots of simultaneous events, all of which are worthwhile. Personally, I am very excited about the Italian political scientist Antonio Negri, who represents the neo-Marxist trend of Operaism, as well as the performance Usland.
Nikolai Blaumer Nikolai Blaumer | Photo: Loredana LaRocca Nikolai Blaumer, consultant, is coordinating the 70 events and generously shares his programme tip with us:
Visitors can look forward to an informal, stimulating atmosphere. For three days, young academics and activists will be given the opportunity to converse with artists and intellectuals from around the world. I am especially looking forward to an event with the New York philosopher Philip Kitcher, the primate researcher Christopher Boesch and the behavioural biologist Sabine Tebbich. They will explore what it means to share selflessly and how the skill began.

Marie Golenia Marie Golenia | Photo: Loredana LaRocca Marie Golenia, intern, is producing the programme booklet to ensure everyone can stay on top of things:
My event tip is “The Long Night of Sharing and Exchange” on the final evening of the symposium. After being discussed so much over the previous days, the subject will be made tangible with a kind of “mini festival.”

Elisabeth Tobisch, trainee, is already holding the fort in Weimar and coordinating artist contributions:
I am especially looking forward to the “Long Night of Sharing and Exchange,” which will close the symposium by bringing together many, mostly artistic contributions.