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Touring Australia in Wellies?

LaBrassBanda live in Karlsruhe in 2017.
LaBrassBanda live in Karlsruhe in 2017. | Detail © Photo: Hirandnow Philipp Hirtenlehner

These days, LaBrassBanda are well known beyond Germany’s borders. In 2019, the boys from Bavaria are embarking on their world tour. Trumpeter Korbinian Weber talked to us about what they expect from the tour, how they write new music and why he wants to take his wellies to Australia.

By Sabine Scholz-Hinton

Known for a sound that somehow seems difficult to categorise, LaBrassBanda from Bavaria are a phenomenon in and of themselves. Some describe their style as ‘Alpine Jazz Techno’, others characterise it as ‘Bavarian Gypsy Brass’. Korbinian Weber, band member since 2013, is making an effort to tone down his Bavarian dialect to sound more Standard German. But he’d rather not let himself be pinned down to a specific style of music. “We leave that to our listeners,” he says. “We mix musical styles we enjoy. Pick up everything we encounter. […] The end result is the LaBrassBanda sound – a mixture of Brass, Reggae, Hip Hop and Techno.”


What’s much more important to them is making music that’s great to dance to. And it is. In Europe just as much as in Australia, at the other end of the world, LaBrassBanda have an audience. The fact that they sing their songs in Bavarian, which makes them hard to understand even for native German speakers, has never been an issue. Korbinian is not surprised. “I like to think of it like this: when I hear a Spanish band, I don’t understand what they’re singing either. And even with English-speaking bands, you actually have to listen really closely to understand them. Language is the smallest hurdle there is.”
LaBrassBanda.© Atelier Poschauko
Apart from their characteristic sound, LaBrassBanda are also known for playing their gigs barefoot. The reason for what has now become their trademark – pragmatic. Exuberant performances in heavy shoes don’t really work wonders in the smell department. “And I hear playing barefoot is quite comfortable,” Korbinian adds. However, in early March 2019, when the band stops in various Australian cities on its big world tour, there could be an alternative option, at least for Korbinian: “I’ll probably bring wellies with me to Australia because I’m so scared of snakes.”


It’s usually lead singer Stefan Dettl, who invited trumpeter Korbinian to join the band back in 2013, who comes up with their songs’ basic structure. “Our lead singer, Stefan Dettl, is definitely the mastermind. And then it all comes together live, generally during rehearsals, when we all play together,” Korbinian explains.
Aside from wellies in their luggage, they’re planning to bring lots of fun and good vibes with them to Australia. “We’ll go to Australia and give it our all at every gig. We’ll try to bring a little bit of Bavarian mentality with us, and at the same time soak up the mood in Australia and incorporate that as well.” The Australian leg of the LaBrassBanda world tour starts in Melbourne on 8 March 2019, together with Australian band Caravana Sun.