From Berlin to Bogota, and back over Tokyo and Kolkata! In 180 seconds a picture of the city emerges, showing what unites us and what makes us different.

What moves city-dwellers and how do they move? How do they interact and when do they clash? How do they allot their time and how do they exchange their possessions? How do they envision the future?

Young international journalists and filmmakers compile reports and impressions, which they then compose into a kaleidoscope of inter-cultural comparison, a global and urban snapshot that gives “their” city a face.

“180 Seconds City” is a joint production of the Goethe-Institut and the German School of Journalism.

From Berlin to Bogota, and back over Tokyo and Kolkata! In 180 seconds a picture of the city emerges, showing what unites us and what makes us different. More …

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Space and time

Where is the city at its most hectic? Where does it invite you to linger? In the first season, film-makers search out places that resist the rapid pace of change in the city. We go up to the top in lifts and under the earth in the Underground. The film-makers follow their protagonists to where the day begins and where the night doesn't want to end.

With one another – against one another

How do city dwellers treat one another? Where to they gather, how do they express their views? How do they deal with integration? Where does the city exclude people? In the second season, the film-makers go where urbanites meet and form bonds, and where fronts form. They encounter strife and anger, compassion and humanity.

Sharing and Exchanging

Do possessions make us happy? Or does our future lie in sharing and exchanging? What traditional forms of sharing and exchanging are there in the city? And what new forms are emerging? Whether car sharing, food sharing or swap parties, in the third season film-makers explore what city-dwellers share and what they prefer to keep for themselves.


What does the future of the city look like? Where is it already futuristic, where are relics of past days preserved? Where can we see today how we will live tomorrow? What can be predicted, what planned? What gives reason for hope, and what arouses fear? In the fourth season, the film-makers ask about the future of their cities.

The Stranger

Must a homeland necessarily be located on a map? When does someone feel like a stranger in his own city? When does a stranger feel safe? In the fifth season, filmmakers pursue the phenomenon of feeling like a stranger.


Pinstripes or sweatpants? Hot pants or smock? In the sixth season, filmmakers tell us what’s in and what’s out. Join fashionistas and fashion bores.


180 seconds out of the city! In the seventh season, filmmakers ignore the centre and lead us into the hinterland: to remote suburbs, into enchanted outskirts and to the edge – socially as well as geographically.

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180 Seconds

Season 7 Periphery

Season 6 Fashion

Season 5 The Stranger

Season 4 Tomorrow

Season 3 Sharing and Exchanging

Season 2 With one another – against one another

Season 1 Space and time