Did relaxing exercises

Artist: Max Baitinger

Max Baitinger © Max Baitinger / LE MONDE diplomatique
 Max Baitinger / LE MONDE diplomatique
Did relaxing exercises.

Then used the services of a website.

Website said thank you.

Asked whether I was a robot.

Informed that no.

Website: ok.

Told me that if I wasn’t

I could prove it

By clicking the right answers.

Here was the test.

Click, click, click.

Asked if I wanted to try again.

Asked if I really wanted to quit.

Could result in loss of data.

Max Baitinger
Max Baitinger works as a freelance illustrator, writing graphic novels and zines. He is co-organizer of the International comic and graphic festival The Millionaires Club, which takes place every year at the same time as the Leipzig Book Fair in March. The publishing house Rotopol (Kassel) published Heimdall and Röhner. His most recent narration Birgit was published by Reprodukt in 2017.