The White Hare vs. King of Palermo

Artist: Nele Brönner

Nele Brönner © Nele Brönner / LE MONDE diplomatique
The godfather of Palermo was a powerful man. His realm stretched from one sea to the other. Until one day…

Your injuries are very serious and there is only one cure.
The liver of the white hare of Stromboli…
… but it is impossible to catch this animal, for it is smart and fast!

Bring me that hare!
Carollo, you go and take Ettore and Il Brutto with you!

Where are we?
Damn, I don’t know!


Buon giorno Signor Hare!
I have heard a lot about you and I am delighted to meet you in person.
Buon giorno!
I have travelled and seen the world! But I never saw an animal as ugly as you.
You look like a wooden bowl!

I am Carollo
and I’d like to invite you to the magnificent Palace of Palermo.


Hare, I am the godfather of Palermo and you are…
a small animal!
I am suffering and nothing can save me — except your liver!


Die with a smile, little hare! You are dying for a mighty man.
Godfather, I am so sorry I have to disappoint you

but my father — a star —only gave me morning dew to drink and so my liver became a cure-all.
Everybody kept asking me for it and so I removed it…
Mama mia, e vero! [Good grief, it is true!]

and hid my liver under a big stone.
If I had only known about your condition, I would never have come without it!

There! Take the hare and go back!
And finally get me that liver!
Si Padrino!

You deceived me!
I don’t die for godfathers!


Fuck off, Stronzo!
And tell your godfather he can…

The end. 

Nele Brönner
Nele Brönner was born in 1977 in Marburg an der Lahn. She studied at the UdK Berlin, lives in Berlin and works as an illustrator, children‘s book author and cartoonist. In 2015, she was awarded the Serafi na Prize for Children‘s Book Illustration by the German Academy for Children‘s and Youth Literature and the Frankfurt Book Fair for her children‘s book debut Affenfalle.