Model of Success

Artist: CX Huth

CX Huth © CX Huth / LE MONDE diplomatique
A short story about the benefits of cloning

At first we were only one
which may be enough for love

But for a fight you have to be two.

When we were three I started a band.

But we weren’t complete until we were four

My fifth self took care of business.

And when we were six I went on tour.

The number of my fans rose continuously.

Quality always prevails!

And finally I had made it. I was superplural.


CX Huth
CX Huth was born in 1964 in Anklam. He is co-founder of the art and comic magazine Renate. In the publishing house Reprodukt appeared the books Das 23 fünf acht neun (2001) und Hasenhäschen (2005). He lives and works as an illustrator, painter and DJ in Berlin.