Blades of grass

Artist: Martin tom Dieck

Martin tom Dieck © Martin tom Dieck / LE MONDE diplomatique
A crop seed bank in the permafrost of Spitzbergen is to preserve the
remaining genetic information for future civilisations.

The vice Peace Nobel Prize laureate wants to visit the seed bank.
Hi! I am Al Gore and I want to visit the seed bank!

You cannot just enter the bank.You have to answer a question first:
But, hey, I am Al Gore!

“The soul! Forever and ever!
Longer than earth will stay brown and solid
And longer than water will ebb and flow.”
Who wrote these lines and what is the title of the poem?

As the ice is vanishing, so is poetry — it is unbearable.
As unbearable as a daily diet of rice and meltwater.

He tasted a bit fishy, didn’t he?

Martin tom Dieck
Martin tom Dieck was born in 1963 in Oldenburg. He studied Illustration at the College of Design in Hamburg. As a comic artist and illustrator he worked for Die Zeit and Libération. In 1994 and 2000 he received the Max und Moritz Prize of the Comic Salon Erlangen, in 2005 the prize of the Ècole Supérieure d‘Image Angoulême. He lives in Hamburg and teaches in Essen.