In their own language they call themselves “true humans”

Artist: Sheree Domingo

Sheree Domingo © Sheree Domingo / LE MONDE diplomatique
In their own language they call themselves “true humans”.

The San, hunters and gatherers from time immemorial, are the oldest people of humanity.

But today hunting is only a spectacle for paying tourists.

The good thing about it is…
… that the younger generation now takes an interest in the wisdom of their ancestors.

Sheree Domingo
Sheree was born in 1989 in Böblingen, near Stuttgart. She studied visual communication in Kassel with a focus on illustration and comics. Since 2016 she lives and works in Berlin. With her final thesis Wie im Paradies, a personal graphic novel, she was voted one of the finalists in 2016 at the Berthold-Leibinger Foundation‘s Comic Book Prize. The book will be published in autumn 2019 by Edition Moderne.