What if Lenin lived today?

Artist: Christoph Feist

Christoph Feist © Christoph Feist / LE MONDE diplomatique
I would like to get out of my grave in a hundred years’ time to see how people live.
Dr. Alexander Blank (Lenin’s grandfather)

Maybe he would visit our temples.
What is great only seems great if we get on our knees in front of it.

He might even take advantage of the attractions of the leisure industry.
I always observed the rule to ban depressing thoughts from my mind.

Maybe he would make use of career opportunities.
Clever is not the one who makes no mistakes. Clever is…
… the one who knows how to correct them.

He may be surprised by fast track mobility.
Worse than being blind is not wanting to see.

He may marvel about technological progress.
Electricity plus council power equals communism.

He may eventually learn about new ways of communicating.
Tell me who praises you and I will tell you what is wrong with you.

A reunion with old buddies could also not be excluded.
[FDP: similarly to USA: GOP; UK: Tories]
It is an old adage that in politics you have to learn from your enemies.

But one thing he would definitely do:
Learn. Learn. And learn again.

Christoph Feist
Christoph Feist was born in 1973 in Erfurt. He studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. From 2001 to 2003 he was a master student of Professor Volker Pfüller. He lives and works as a freelance graphic artist in Erfurt.