Update: COVID-19

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Faced with the current situation, we've decided to make a contribution to the containment of Coronavirus infections by converting our classes to online formats.

Our institutes in Melbourne and Sydney will be closed from Monday, 23rd of March 2020 until further notice. Our staff can be contacted by email.


Learn German – online. We have switched our regular courses to online formats. Those who have already booked will be notified directly. To register for any of your Blended Learning or Online Courses , please to go to our course finder. For further information about the upcoming term, click here. If you have any questions, please send us an email:

learngerman-melbourne@goethe.de und learngerman-sydney@goethe.de

German Exams

Examinations from 23rd of March 2020 onwards are temporarily cancelled. As soon as the Goethe-Institut is in a position to offer regular examinations again, alternative dates will be offered. Those who have already booked will be notified directly. For new registrations and questions please email:

learngerman-melbourne@goethe.de und learngerman-sydney@goethe.de


All conferences and other events in the first half of 2020 have been cancelled. Please make use of our various online offers. If you have any questions please email our BKD Team.


Together with our Australian partners we had to postpone or cancel further events to prevent any further spread of the virus. Keep up-to-date by subscribing to our monthly newsletter or via social media. If you have any questions please email our Cultural Program Team.


More than 35,000 German-language e-books, audio books, films, materials for German students, magazines and newspapers are available for download in our Onleihe. Register and activate the service to use it on a computer or on mobile devices (Android and iOS). Free of charge. Free of advertising. Around the clock - and from any location.

GENERAL Information

Stay in the loop about further developments via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For general enquiries please email
info-sydney@goethe.de and info-melbourne@goethe.de

Answers to the most important questions

Blended Learning Standard Courses face to face and online (13th July - 26th September)

For those of you looking for the most face-to-face time with other students and our teachers, this is your best option. Our Blended Learning Courses consist of 50% virtual or face to face group meetings, and 50% flexible online learning, guided and monitored by your tutor. With our sophisticated virtual classroom platform, online live meetings can be just as interactive as meeting at the institute. The group meetings will take place online until in-person classes can continue safely at the Goethe-Institut.
Online Group Courses (20th July - 17th August)
These courses are designed to run online for the full duration of each level, and they are more intensive than Blended Learning Standard Online Courses. There are five virtual online group meetings and you will be working more independently in this format compared to Blended Learning Courses. Nonetheless, your progress is monitored closely and you will be well supported by your teacher throughout the whole course.

Yes, exams take place again. Next exams take place in August at Goethe-Institut Sydney and end of June in Melbourne. Please refer to our website for upcoming exam dates. This is where you will find the latest inormation and updates.

If you would like to get in touch, please email us directly:  learngerman-melbourne@goethe.de
/ learngerman-sydney@goethe.de  


Goethe-Institut opens the doors for the public on the 20th of July. All borrowed books/media have to be returned from the 20th onwards withing July. If you would like to extend your lending period, please email us directly.
 Hint: our free eLibrary remains available 24/7.

For all questions that haven't been answered here, please contact learngerman-melbourne@goethe.de  / learngerman-sydney@goethe.de

Please find here all information about terms and conditions, FAQs and contact details:

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