Summer School

Language Courses/Exams

Participants experience classroom activities that involve real and meaningful communication. They are encouraged to use the German language as much as possible through dialogues, role plays, and discussions. At advanced levels, topics and texts for discussion are taken from newspapers, magazines, literature and films. Language groups range from elementary (A1) through to very advanced. All groups are led by qualified German language teachers with native speaker competence.

How am I assigned into a class?

Participants are assigned to a language class according to their German language knowledge. Preliminary assignment to a language class is made on the basis of the test result of your placement test which will be sent to you by e-mail upon registration.

Please complete the test WITHOUT outside help or aids. Please post, fax or email it back on completion to the contact on the right hand side.
2018 participants have the chance to take one of our Goethe exams. Additional cost will apply. Please see belows list for levels and prices.

Date: 15.01.2018
Time: starting at 9:00 am
Location: Goethe-Institut Sydney

A1: $80
A2: $90
B1: $110
B2: $180
C1: $190
C2: $210
Registration closes 1 December 2017. Registrations after this date will not be accepted.


Deutsch Lehren Lernen



In this workshop the participants are allowed to become creative with the German language. Starting with brainstorming, the participants develop their own stage performance. Whether in the form of monologues, singing and moving to music, rap and cool beats or in slow motion with pictures and choreographies with their own body, the participants get the freedom to develop their ideas and learn different approaches during the workshop.
The results are recorded  and presented on presentation night.

The participants of this workshop will experience the German language quite differently: as a musician, as a songwriter and as a music producer. They will develop text and music together. With the help of a mobile recording studio, the ideas of the group can be recorded immediately, so that a joint art work is created during the week. At the same time, the participants will also learn how to deal with a digital audio station.
The results are recorded as a CD/MP3 and presented as part of a final performance.
More information coming soon