Summer School
Target Group

The Summer School again offers a varied program, suitable to learners of German at all levels, but a basic knowledge is required (A1).

1. Deutsch Lehren Lernen

2018 we will be offering the popular DLL professional development course for teacher with a B1 (and above) German level.

2. Networking For German Teachers

The purpose of this course is to provide German teachers in with information and skills necessary to create a modern day authentic language learning environment. The course will give teachers insight into the correlation between curriculum and the events and resources planned and designed by the Goethe-Institut. Topics covered will include: upcoming events, resources such as the annual calendar and other materials.

A secondary goal of this course is to learn to adapt the materials and resources towards individual needs and to present and discuss ideas with others. Familiarity with additional authentic resources developed by the Goethe-Institut and the knowledge of how to use them in class will improve the professional knowledge of teachers.

Teachers participating in this course will deal with and discuss the following questions: 
  • What events for German teachers and students are offered by the Goethe-Institut?
  • What resources does the Goethe-Institut offer? How do they relate to the German Curriculum?
  • How can I use the materials in class? How would I modify them?
  • How can I connect with other German Teachers?


MLTA NSW supports members’ involvement in professional learning activities. Members can apply for a subsidy of up to 50% of registration costs incurred by individual members (up to a maximum of $500) for non-MLTA NSW professional learning events. Please note that applications for funding must be submitted before the professional learning event takes place.

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) offers funding for language teachers from Queensland.

The NSW Department of Education would like to support secondary German teachers from NSW public schools to attend the Summer School 2018 and is offering up to five partial scholarships to secondary teachers of German currently employed in NSW public schools. More information here.

Teachers in Victoria should contact the AGTV for financial help.

Teachers in South Australia should contact the SAGTA for financial help.
have the chance to 
  • broaden their knowledge of German culture
  • improve their grades through intensive language training
  • develop a network of professional contacts
can experience
  • a most efficient way of improving your overall fluency of German in a relaxed, fun-filled study environment
  • a diverse set of opportunities leading to the enrichment of your understanding of German language and culture
  • the joy of making new friends and meeting people with similar interest