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Junioruni-Studio© Goethe-Institut

The JuniorUni is a free educational project of the Goethe-Institut for young people. It offers the opportunity to find answers to the most exciting questions from the fields of robotics, space travel, technologies, science, energy and sustainability and to learn German at the same time. 

Account for Teachers

To use didactic materials, register as a teacher. Please note that the Juniouruni platform currently only works on computers or laptops, not tablets.

Unit Planners

In addition to the materials on the platform, you can find here unit planners  with links to the Australian Curriculum for each Junioruni lecture: Unit planners with links to the Australian Curriculum

Taster Workshop

From 16 August until the end of the year you can book Junioruni taster workshop for students at the institutes in Melbourne and Sydney. Please click here to book the workshop. 

Junioruni Video
© Goethe-Institut


Content & Language Integrated Learning = CLIL. Here you can find out everything about the didactic concept of the JuniorUni and one of the leading methods of modern foreign language learning.