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Humankind, Nature & Technology

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The digital Kinder University is an innovative educational project for children aged 8-12. A key aspect of the Kinder University is its online platform which is accessible to everyone free of charge. Students of the online university can explore 30 different video lectures in three faculties: Humankind, Nature and Technology.

The Kinder University is based on children's innate interest in anything that is unfamiliar and at the same time introduces them to the German language. It encourages children´s ability to think creatively and provides the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects by playing games. Most importantly, the Kinder University addresses questions that children are interested in and that have importance and relevance to their daily lives.

The Kinder university offers

  • 3 faculties
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  • 30 video lectures
  • over 240 interactive exercises
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Kinder University Live

In addition to our digital offerings, the Kinderuni hosts live events. These provide a great way for children to deepen and broaden their knowledge. The first live event will take place on 20 November at the University of Melbourne.
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Kinderuni im Koffer

The "Kinderuni im Koffer" is a mobile laboratory with fun experiments. These experiments are linked to discoveries and inventions of famous German scientists. 
The suitcase will be available for loan in Australia later this year.

The "Kinderuni im Koffer" was developed by personalities from science in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

The study book and methodological handout should help the teachers to carry out various experiments with the children. There are three experiments for each faculty. Each activity is based on a natural phenomenon that is demonstrated during an experiment.
Each experiment is self-contained, regardless of the student´s prior knowledge and without the prior completion of other experiments in the suitcase. The exercises can be carried out in various forms:
  • classical lesson for one class (12-30 people)
  • large school event (30-100 people)
  • Mini activity on the stand, intended for the passer-by.