Teaching Resources

Umwelt macht Schule Bild: Colourbox

Resources on environmental issues: As part of the international competition „Umwelt macht Schule", the Goethe-Institut developed resources on the topics of waste, water, endangered species and national parks.
These materials can be downloaded here: http://www.goethe.de/ins/ru/lp/prj/ums/mat/deindex.htm

Thema Energie - A CLIL Unit for Year 7 & 8 Students
In this CLIL unit year 7 & 8 students explore how countries like Australia and Germany create electricity. They investigate the consequences of our energy consumption for the earth, learn about the development of renewable energies and analyse ways to save energy.

Workshop on Sustainable Development
At four stations, students use texts, listening comprehension or film clips to learn about different aspects of sustainable development and work on small tasks.

More resources on environmental issues: “Deutsche Welle” provides three multimedia learning packs for students aged 12-16 years. All learning packs are available free of charge in German and in English: