Thema Energie
A CLIL Unit for Year 7 & 8 students

Thema Energie Foto: ipopba/iStock

In this CLIL unit year 7 & 8 students explore how countries like Australia and Germany create electricity. They investigate the consequences of our energy consumption for the earth, learn about the development of renewable energies and analyse ways to save energy.

Energy as a topic is particularly versatile, offering numerous points of contact. It provides students with the opportunity to deal with scientific as well as topical issues in German lessons. Energy issues include both physical principles - such as the transformation of energy and the conservation of energy - as well as topics such as renewable energy and climate change. The global problems related to energy production will shape our lives in the immediate future. Young people should be made aware of the pressing nature of this issue, and should be encouraged to think about it and discuss it in great detail.

The Goethe-Institut also recommends that schools using this CLIL unit take part in the competition "Schools for Sustainability”.