Workshop on Sustainable Development
Resources for four workstations

Children hold a globe © DragonImages / iStock

The concept of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in various areas of our society, be it in food consumption, education, species protection, mobility or fair trade. In the Australian Curriculum, sustainability is also cited as a "cross-curriculum priority", whereby languages ​​are assigned the role of familiarizing students with the concept of sustainability in specific cultural contexts.

Against this background, Rebecca Rashid of the Goethe-Institut Berlin developed an interactive workshop on sustainability. At four stations, students use texts, listening comprehension or film clips to learn about different aspects of the topic and work on small tasks.

This workshop was implemented in 2018 at several schools in Australia. It is suitable for students in Years 9 to 12.

Schools implementing the project "Schools for Sustainability" can use this workshop as an introduction.