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Goethe's Garden © Goethe-Institut Australien

Did you know that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was an enthusiastic naturalist and botanist?

After moving into his first house in Weimar, Goethe established a garden which not only supplied the house with fruit and vegetables, but was also a place to socialise. Goethe would certainly be delighted to know that we are following his passion with our community garden and Goethe im Garten School Garden program.
In cooperation with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, our community garden located at the Goethe-Institut in Sydney, has been designed to promote gardening, sustainability and positive food habits. The process of designing, creating, growing and harvesting from food gardens is linked to curriculum areas including literacy, science, arts and numeracy. Our Goethe im Garten School Garden program is therefore a great way to offer a billingual learning experience and integrate Content and Language Integrated Learning  (CLIL) into your lesson plans.

Goethe im Garten ©Goethe-Institut Australien

School Visits

Would you like to give your students a stimulating break from the classroom? School classes are welcome to visit the community garden at the Goethe-Institut in Sydney and take part in a fun and interactive excursion.
Not only will your students get to observe the garden and meet our hive of native stingless bees, they will also learn all about healthy food while expanding and deepening the German language skills. The day is hands-on with a session that involves preparing a healthy lunch with some produce fresh from the garden. This includes potato waffles with traditional apple sauce and herb quark. We will look as well how to help the environment in building a solar oven, using it to create a yummy dessert.
Please email  Anna-Lena.Schenck@goethe.de to arrange a time (Sydney only).
We are looking forward to welcome you and your students.

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