German for young learners

 “Autobahn” is an informative, interactive station game that provides many impressions and facts about the German-speaking countries, their culture and products. It's the perfect motivational game for students who are about to choose a foreign language, for beginners who are already learning German and even for parents.

Between 12 and 16 interesting stations are set up in a large hall and surrounding corridors in which students solve puzzles, complete orders and independently acquire facts. The topics are varied, with a special focus on the arguments why German is important for the future and in the world of work. There is lots to see, smell, laugh at and students also speak German, even without prior knowledge!

The game is suitable for up to 80 students, with students working in groups of four. The game takes about 2 hours including a common resolution and awards ceremony. It is a fair competition and the groups can see the current score at any time. In the end, the winner is whoever has solved the tasks correctly and traveled the longest distance on the “Autobahn”.

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