German for young learners
German Cities and Landscapes

The exhibition introduces viewers to Germany’s cultural and geographical diversity as they are taken on a voyage through 7 cities and 6 landscapes.

On 13 posters these locations are shown in their breathtaking beauty, all the way from the North Sea via the Rhine river to the Alps, from Hamburg to Munich via Frankfurt.

Students of German are invited to immerse themselves in these locations by learning what makes these places special. They will find surprising and important facts on various aspects such as climate, history, trade, tourism etc.

The topic diversity makes the exhibition suitable for all language levels. In addition, free accompanying classroom material for levels A1 and A2 is available for download or to use online.If you would like to borrow this exhibition for your classroom, please contact:


Berlin | Dresden | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Heidelberg | München | Potsdam

City posters


Alpen | Nordsee | Ostsee | Rhein | Ruhrgebiet | Schwarzwald

Landscape posters