German for young learners
Film Ab!

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No matter if beginners or advanced learners… short films are perfectly suited for the use in German lessons. This way, German lessons get more diverse and interesting. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious – these films show parts of German reality and lead to various occasions to speak and discuss.

Eleven new short films were chosen by young directors. The films were created at German schools and universities for films between 2009 and 2012.

In Manola we accompany an overweight boy to the swimming pool and observe the power games between adolescents. In the animated film Zing a girl escapes death only because of her brave behavior. Stufe Drei, Wie immer and Gruppenfoto deal with social matters like disease, disability and alcohol. MPU is also about alcohol: At a medical-psychological assessment all those have to take part, who want to regain their driver license.

Loss and friendship are central topics of Rising Hope, while Andersartig tells the true story of a girl who is the only survivor of a bomb attack. Nun sehen Sie Folgendes humorously portrays the filmmaking business and  Steffi gefällt das critically reflects upon social media; both films are suitable to discuss the use of media. Amoklove is a short love story between two young adults.

The films are in German with English or German subtitles. They are available for loan at the Resource Centres in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Teaching materials and information for teachers are available on the Film Ab! website of the Goethe-Institut.