German for Young Learners
"Kultur erleben in Deutschland"

  • Kultur erleben © picture alliance/Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo; Fotograf: Robert Haas
  • Literatur © dpa; Fotograf: Hendrik Schmidt
  • Kunst © dpa; Fotograf: Sebastian Willnow
  • Jugendkultur © Kulturdachgarten Klunkerkranich in Berlin; Fotograf: Julian Nelken
  • Wissen © dpa; Fotograf: Roland Weihrauch

The topic of this calendar is "Kulturen erleben in Deutschland". Each month is presented with an image on the front page and further information, including statements, interviews, cartoons and statistics, on the back page. The calendar addresses topics that are of interest to young people, such as dance, film, music, media, youth culture, festivals and fashion and are perfectly suitable for the German class room.