German for young learners
Kurz und Gut macht Schule I: Short Films

On this DVD you will find nine of the best German short films which were mainly produced between 2002 and 2003. All the directors are young and therefore not far from the experiences of the students.

German life in short films: Tragicomical is the relationship of daughters and sons to their parents (Meine Eltern), Ich muss gehen deals with love and suffering in a youth gang, Gregors größte Erfindung is about physical impairments. Sad and beautiful about the death and saying goodbye (Fragile, Zur Zeit verstorben). News about the mobile communication and its common slang (Talks). Astonishing are the social relations before and after the “German Wende” (Dufte, Kleingeld, Björn oder die Hürden der Behörden).

The films are in German with English or German subtitles.