German for young learners
Leiter nach oben

An educational game for your classroom-Do it yourself!
Games are an integral part of the everyday life of children and teenagers. The game “Leiter nach oben"  designed by media and game designer Jan Quilitzsch  is an exciting and educational board game for speaking practice and has been developed specifically for teaching German as a foreign Language.
Using your own textbooks and curriculum you can create the right content and become a game designer yourself. The board game and different task types and formats can be found here:

Tasks created by German teachers in QLD, ACT and NSW, can be send to you in a digitalized version for printing and cutting.

Beginners/Primary (Family, Animals, Free Time)
Primary (About myself, Family, Animals, Culture)
Year 10 (Environment, City, Berlin)
Year 11-12 (History, Environment, Berlin)