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The Course

These new online classrooms for language levels A2/B1 and B2/C1 are designed to help exam preparation, revision and consolidation of knowledge for high school students. The content is based on key areas of the German curricula in all Australian states. Topics vary from My Personal Identity to Leisure, from Health & Nutrition to Future & Technology. Each online tutorial offers a variety of exercises and tasks to improve skills. They also include different types of text, grammar revision, as well as learning tips, vocabulary and key phrases for writing and speaking.
In 10 tutorials students will gain a broader and deeper understanding of the German language and extend and refine their communication, linguistic and intercultural skills. Students can independently revise the major themes, text types and grammar topics. The tutorials are intended to take between 60 and 180 minutes, depending on the activities and the student’s individual knowledge and learning speed. A typical tutorial includes a mix of listening and reading comprehension, audio-visual exercises, as well as written and oral tasks. Students will receive instant feedback on quizzes and can discuss and interact online with fellow classmates through forums and blog entries. Each tutorial finishes with an interview task which focusses in particular on the oral exam.
The course is offered in different versions for the high school leaving exams of various Australian states as well as for the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification.
Please contact us to order a single-user login, or a group login if you are a teacher.

Single-user login

Online Prüfungsvorbereitung © Colourbox A single-user login enables students to participate in the course individually and proceed at their own pace. The registration process includes a one-on-one online session with a Goethe-Institut tutor where the online classroom is explained. Further one-on-one sessions can be booked additionally.

This is particularly recommended for the skills areas of speaking, grammar and pronunciation training.

Group Login

Online Raum Prüfungen 11/12 © Colourbox The group login is intended for German language teachers who want to provide support to a group of high school students. Registration prices vary depending on the group size. Goethe-Institut will provide the teacher with training on how to use the online classroom via an introductory session. During this session teachers have the opportunity to explore the platform and ask questions about the course structure and contents. Teachers will then be able to supervise and guide students as they use the online classroom. Additional tutorials can be booked via Goethe-Institut if necessary.

Registration & Prices

Single-User Licence:
Course access plus introductory one-on-one online session with Goethe-Institut tutor: $250

Additional tutor session (live online or correction of written assignments): $69

Enrol here.

Group Licence:

  • Course content for up to 10 students plus introductory one-on-one session with Goethe-Institut tutor: $500
  • Course content for up to 15 students plus introductory one-on-one session with Goethe-Institut tutor: $700
  • Course content for up to 20 students plus introductory one-on-one session with Goethe-Institut tutor: $850
Additional tutor session: $69


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