German for Young Learners
Online Exam Preparation Year 11/12

Online Raum Prüfungen 11/12 ©Colourbox

These new online rooms for A2/B1 and B2/C1 level for exam preparation, repetition and practice are based on the core themes of the various curricula (Personal Identity, Generations, Friendships, Leisure and Interests, School Time, After School, Tourism, Media, Health & Nutrition, Future & Technology). They offer students a variety of exercises and tasks to improve all skills and include different text types, grammar revision, as well as learning tips, vocabulary and key phrases for writing and speaking.
In ten chapters students will gain a broader and deeper understanding of the German language and extend and refine their communication, linguistic and intercultural skills. Students can independently revise the major themes, text types and grammar topics. The chapters in this online course have a range of suitable online activities. They are intended to be between 60 and 180 minutes long depending on the type of activities and the student’s individual knowledge and learning speed. A typical sequence of each unit includes a mix of listening, speaking, reading, viewing and responding and writing. Students will receive instant feedback on quizzes and can discuss and interact with fellow learners through forum and blog-entries. Each chapter finishes with an interview task which focusses in particular on the oral exam. 
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