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Self-acceptance is an important issue for Ninia LaGrande. Fashion has helped her feel good about her body. As a body positivity activist, she targets the discrimination against people who do not conform to the mainstream norm. She calls her body a good friend. 

What about you? What do you like about your body and your look? How important is fashion to you? What does body positivity mean to you?

Ninia LaGrande© Goethe-Institut
illustration of an empty instagram page © Goethe-Institut


Are you a school student in Australia? Then take part in this competition! Design your own social media post or story on self-acceptance and body positivity. Or if you prefer to be offline, create a postcard! The aim is to inspire others to be more self-loving and tolerant and at the same time to set an example against bullying. If you want, you can use the Instagram template below or send us a copy or a link to your post, your story or your postcard. Your contribution should consist of a picture of yourself and text in German. 
For ideas, listen to the Ninia LaGrande Superfrauen podcast. You can also take inspiration from Ninia's Instagram channel.
Have fun! We look forward to your contribution!

>> Insta-Page (Template)
>> Upload your contribution here
>> Deadline: 15 June 2021

Superfrauen-Bauchtasche © Eva Baker


The best posts, stories or postcards are selected by our super women jury. And that's what you can win:
1st & 2nd prize: Superfrauen bum bag (see picture above)
3rd - 5th prize: Superfrauen notebook 
Superfrauen Notizbuch © Goethe-Institut
All of our prices have been produced sustainably. The bum bag consists of the vegan leather alternative papyr and was completely manufactured in Germany under fair working conditions. The notebooks are made from recycled coffee-to-go cups & recycled paper.