Finals in Melbourne

This year, the German School Film Festival took us on a journey into the future. According to the topic "Germany in the Year 3017", students from all over Australia were invited to give us an insight into their ideas of what life will look like in one thousand years. We received a great number of films which presented the topic in a very unique and creative way.

The finals for the entries from TAS and VIC were held at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne on 26th October 2017. 160 students, teachers, principals and parents attended the finals and celebrated the winners in the two categories.
Thank you very much to everyone who was involved in the School Film Festival and helped to make this year’s event a special one. Enjoy watching the films.

The Winners

Zusammen sind wir stark

Primary Category: 1st Place
Zusammen sind wir stark!

Bayswater South Primary School

Germany, 3017: the country is separated into a green nature zone and a grey technique zone. In the midst of this dystopian world, a family seeks to reunite by overcoming the border between green and grey.

Wir um vier

Primary Category: 2nd Place
Wir um vier

Horsham West and Haven Primary School

Life on Pluto or in virtual reality? Education pill or plain old school system? This news broadcast from 3017 presents an exciting future. However, there are a few obstacles which need to be overcome.

Willkommen in der Schlibilung Grundschule

Primary Category: 3rd Place
Willkommen an der Schlibilung Grundschule

Highvale Primary School

The multicultural primary school Schlibilung is full of students from all over the galaxy: Mipsy from the moon, Pip from Pluto, Prince Flock from Saturn and Princess Squink from the sun.

Der Wurst-Albtraum

Secondary Category: 1st Place
Der Wurst-Albtraum

McKinnon Secondary

This year’s winner in the “Middle and Later Years” category takes a humorous look into the future: in 3017, Germany has banned all sausages. Everybody is forced to live vegan and illegal meat businesses are controlling the black market.

Durch die Zeit

Secondary Category: 2nd Place
Durch die Zeit

Mac Robertson Girls’ High School

What did a teenager’s life look like in 2017? In 3017, Mila tries to find out about possible similarities and differences by comparing her distant relatives Annas’ vlog to her own life.

Spaziergang über die Zeit

Secondary Category: 3rd Place
Spaziergang über die Zeit

Luther College

Will planet earth still be inhabitable in 3017? This short film embarks on a journey through time and shows its audience how substantial lack of housing, natural disasters and the constant fear of nuclear war could affect our lives within the next millennium.

The Schools

Ballarat Clarendon College: www.clarendon.vic.edu.au
Bayswater South Primary School: www.baysouthps.vic.edu.au
Billanook Primary School: www.billanook.vic.edu.au
East Loddon P-12 College: www.eastloddp12.vic.edu.au
German Language School, Temple Society Australia: www.templesociety.org.au/german-school.html
Highvale Primary School: www.highvaleps.vic.edu.au
Horsham West and Haven Primary School: www.horshamwps.vic.edu.au
Luther College: www.luther.vic.edu.au
McKinnon Secondary College: www.mckinnonsc.vic.edu.au
Mentone Girls' Grammar School: www.mentonegirls.vic.edu.au
Mount Waverley Secondary College: www.mwsc.vic.edu.au
The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School: www.macrob.vic.edu.au

The Participants

School Teacher Year Film
Bayswater South Primary School Andreas Ladwig Yr 5&6 Zusammen sind wir stark!
Billanook Primary School Adam Kump Yr 6 Freiheit und Frieden
East Loddon P-12 College Belinda McNamara Yr 6 Zwei Picknicks im Wald 2011 und 3017
German Language School, Temple Society Australia Katrin Schneider Yr 4&5 Zurueck in die alten Zeiten
Highvale Primary School Helena Salles Yr 5&6 Willkommen an der Schlibilung Grundschule
Horsham West and Haven Primary School Sophie Sagitz Yr 4&5 Wir um Vier

Ballarat and Clarendon College Meghan Randles Yr 8 3017
German Language School, Temple Society Australia Katrin Schneider Yr 7 Tausend Jahre
Luther College Lily Potter Yr 9 Ein Spaziergang über die Zeit
Luther College Julika Faber Yr 9 Baby von Robotern
McKinnon Secondary College Dave Nutting Yr 9 Der Wurst Albtraum
Mount Waverley Secondary College Jo Rogers Yr 8 Müll
McKinnon Secondary College Dave Nutting Yr 10 Deutschland 3017
Mentone Girls' Grammar School Claudia Heberling Yr 10 Der Wuerfel
The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School Barbara Hohmann Yr 10 Durch die Zeit