Finals in Melbourne

The films are still in production. Deadline is 8 September. On 26 October we will award the winners at the ACMI Federation Square in Melbourne. Until then we show here last year's films.

The Winners

Realität und Wunschdenken

Primary Category: 1st Place
Realität und Wunschdenken

Highvale Primary School

Finally the time has come: stay up all night, buy whatever you want, eat things you like, … and the best is that nobody tells you what to do! Being an adult has so many advantages which this film presents humorously.

Eisgekühlte Ziele

Primary Category: 2nd Place
Eisgekühlte Ziele

East Loddon P-12 College

„I want to be a waitress when I am grown up!” This film gives an insight into the everyday working life of a waitress. Furthermore the song “Eisgekühlte Limonade”, performed by the students themselves, forms the background of the film.

Gut gegen schlecht

Primary Category: 3rd Place
Gut gegen schlecht

Deutsche Schule Melbourne

Do you want to be a good or a bad guy when you grow up? Stephan wants to be good guy, Christoph a bad one. What happens if these guys meet each other and won’t stop fighting? In that case, the mother or the father has to intervene…


Secondary Junior Category: 1st Place

Patterson River Secondary College

Being a hero when you are grown up. That’s it! But what characterizes heroism today? This encouraging film presents the real heroes in society: not the rich people but those who help and support others.


Secondary Junior Category: 2nd Place

Geelong Lutheran College

Attending a German university, discovering a new culture and travelling around the world as an interpreter … That would be amazing! The film presents the advantages of learning German for your future!

Der beste Lehrer überhaupt

Secondary Junior Category: 3rd Place
Der beste Lehrer überhaupt

Luther College Melbourne

As grown-up, Max wants to be a teacher. But a good one, not the kind of teacher, whose classes are so boring that the students fall asleep! In his daydream he imagines himself as a brilliant teacher: “der beste Lehrer überhaupt”.

So ist das Leben

Secondary Category Senior: 1st Place
So ist das Leben

Billanook College

A very moving film about Anja and Christoph, who both grow up in Berlin at the same time, but live in completely different worlds. Whereas Christoph enjoys a life full of opportunities, Anja struggles with existential problems like hunger and being homeless.


Secondary Category Senior: 2nd Place

McKinnon Secondary College

„When I grow up…“- interpreted in an amusingly different way. A creative film about the dilemma of being too small or, after eating too many mushrooms, being too tall. Are you curious?


Secondary Category Senior: 3rd Place

Buckley Park Secondary College

After the tragical death of his brother Stefan, Kevin suppresses his wish to become a cook. He spends a most time in front of the computer and is rude towards everyone. One evening his dead brother appears in his room and encourages him to pursue his dream to become a cook.

The Schools

Highvale PS: www.highvaleps.vic.edu.au/
East Loddon P-12 College: www.eastloddp12.vic.edu.au/
Deutsche Schule Melbourne: www.dsm.org.au/en/
Patterson River Secondary College: www.prsc.vic.edu.au/
Geelong Lutheran College: www.glc.vic.edu.au/
Luther College: www.luther.vic.edu.au/
Billanook College: www.billanook.vic.edu.au/
McKinnon Secondary: www.mckinnonsc.vic.edu.au/
Buckley Park Secondary College: www.buckleyparkco.vic.edu.au/
Gisborne Secondary College: gisbornesc.vic.edu.au/
Tintern Grammar: www.tintern.vic.edu.au/
German Language School Temple Society Australia: www.templesociety.org.au/german-school.html
German Saturday School: www.germansaturdayschool.org.au/
Mt. Waverley Secondary College: www.mwsc.vic.edu.au/
Mullauna Secondary College: www.mullauna.vic.edu.au/
Overnewton Anglican Community College: www.overnewton.vic.edu.au/index.php
Dimboola Memorial Secondary College: www.dmsc.vic.edu.au/
Oberon High School: www.oberonhs.vic.edu.au/site/

The Participants

School Teacher Year Film
Highvale Primary School Helena Salles Yr 5&6 Realität und Wunschdenken
East Loddon P-12 College Belinda McNamara Yr 6 Eisgekühlte Ziele sein!
Deutsche Schule Melbourne Mandana Vogt Yr 5&6 Gut gegen schlecht

Secondary Junior
Patterson River Secondary College Tanya Scott Yr 8&9 Helden
German Saturday School Cassandra Nolan Yr 7&8 Traumberufe
Luther College Rukmani Sandrasegara, Julika Faber Yr 9 Zukunftsträume
Tintern Grammar Jasna Kosovac Yr 8 Wenn ich einmal gross bin - One day when I grow up
German Language School Temple Society Australia Sigrid Schweiger Yr 8&9 ...zwanzig Jahre später...
Mt. Waverley Secondary College Timothy Hocking Yr 8 Gib nicht Auf.
Gisborne Secondary College Tenielle Brown Yr 8 Wenn ich aufwachse
McKinnon Secondary College Joshua Kamener Yr 9 Wenn ich groß bin.
Luther College Rukmani Sandrasegara, Julika Faber Yr 9 Der beste Lehrer überhaupt
Geelong Lutheran College Frauke Hoffmann Yr 9 Opportunity - Gelegenheit

Secondary Senior
Mullauna Secondary College Sigrid Cunningham Yr 10 Wenn ich erwachsen bin
Overnewton Anglican Community College Cordula Taiwo Yr 10 Warum nicht?
Billanook College Monika Socha Yr 10 So ist das Leben (Such is life)
Dimboola Memorial Secondary College Sally Klinge Yr 10 Nostalgie über hinaus
McKinnon Secondary College Andrea Fowler Yr 10 PAufgewachsen zu schnell
Geelong Lutheran College Frauke Hoffmann Yr 10 Wenn ich groß bin
Oberon High School Liz Ray Yr 10 Greift nach den Sternen!
McKinnon Secondary College David Nutting Yr 10 Aufwachsen
Buckley Park College Josephine Lloyd Yr 10 Chaos
Billanook College Monika Socha Yr 10 Der falsche Traum (The false dream)