Finals in Sydney

The films are still in production. Deadline is 8 September. On 19 October we will award the winners at the Palace Cinema in Sydney. Until then we show here last year's films.

The Winners

Himmel oder Hölle

Primary Category: 1st Place
Himmel oder Hölle

Boondall State School

A group of courageous kids dare to enter a fortune teller's mistrerious tent to learn more about their future. However, they wouldn't guess what the fortune teller is actually hiding from them...

Blick in die Zukunft

Primary Category: 2nd Place
Blick in die Zukunft

Lutheran School Wagga Wagga

Four friends want to share their dreams with you! Will they still be friends despite the different anticipations of their future?

Wenn ich groß bin

Primary Category: 3rd Place
Wenn ich groß bin...

Junee North Public School

What do an olympic athlete, an astronaut and a saleswomen in common? You will see how thieves are being caught, how apes are being fed and cars are being repaired!

Träume werden wahr

Secondary Junior Category: 1st Place
Träume werden wahr

Shore School

Everybody of us has dreams. However, many of us forget what they once thought to be possible and misunderstand their dreams with the expectations of others. For example those of your parents. This short film is about courage and bravery.

Wenn ich erwachsen bin

Secondary Junior Category: 2nd Place
Wenn ich erwachsen bin

Sutherland Shire Christian School

Ich heiße, Du heißt, Er, Sie, Es heißt! You won't forget this catchy song!

Die guten alten Zeiten

Secondary Junior Category: 3rd Place
Die guten alten Zeiten

International Grammar School

"Things were very different back then." We always hear our grand parents say this. Will we also look back in such nostalgia once we grow up? How will our future look like? How will we perceive our present time?

Sein oder nicht sein

Secondary Senior Category: 1st Place
Sein oder nicht sein


This extravagant animation movie shows how dangerous turtle can be! One tragic sabotage chases the other. Nevertheless, the hero of the story keeps embarking in yet another adventure.


Secondary Senior Category: 2nd Place

Sutherland Shire Christian School

Help!!! (I need somebody) The students are trapped and don't know how to escape the dreadful state. They have become victims of a crime...

Park der Träume

Secondary Senior Category: 3rd Place
Park der Träume

Pymble Ladies' College

We all know it. Parks are beautiful places to make us dream. Still, sometimes it is not enough to simply dream your life. Will the hero manage to also live her dream?

The Schools

Boondall State School:
Canberra Girls Grammar School:
German International School:
Good Shepherd Lutheran College:
Hamilton Public School:
International Grammar School Sydney:
James Nash State High School:
Junee North Public School:
Lutheran School Wagga Wagga:
Open High School:
Patricks Road State School:
Pymble Ladies' College:
Shore School:
St Paul's College:
Sutherland Shire Christian School:
William Clarke College:

The Participants

Schule Lehrer Stufe Film
Boondall State School Kristina Vlaisa Yr 3-6 Himmel oder Hölle
Hamilton Public School Lonny Schall Yr 6 Ich möchte ICH sein!
Junee North Public School Stephanie Walters Yr 1-2 Wenn ich groß bin...
Lutheran School Wagga Wagga Lindsie Newham Yr 5 Blick in die Zukunft
Lutheran School Wagga Wagga Lindsie Newham Yr 6 Wenn ich groß bin
Lutheran School Wagga Wagga Lindsie Newham Yr 6 Ein Fußball-Traum
Patricks Road State School Ruth Krause Yr 5 Hoffnung und Träume
Patricks Road State School Ruth Krause Yr 5 Roboter - Warum nicht?
Patricks Road State School Ruth Krause Yr 5 In meinem Garten ist viel Platz... Auch für die Zukunft!

Sekundärstufe Junior
Abbotsleigh Janet Lloyd Yr 9 Zurückgeben
German International School Julia Strassburger/Simone Hessling Yr 8-9 Kleine Personen - Große Ideen
International Grammar School Sydney Britta Galfetti Neve Yr 7-8 Die guten alten Zeiten
James Nash State High School Cristie Stoddart Yr 9 Eine fleißige Fantasie
James Nash State High School Cristie Stoddart Yr 9 Wenn ich ein Erwachsener bin
Open High School Paul Atkins Yr 9 Wenn ich groß bin.
Queenwood Susanne Mueller-Byrnes Yr 9 Wenn ich mal groß bin - was möchtest du werden...
Shore School Romain Gorge Yr 9 Die zwei Piloten, der Mops und der Superheld
Shore School Roamin Gorge Yr 9 Träume werden wahr
Shore School Roamin Gorge Yr 9 Steve gewinnt den Olympischen Spiele
St Paul's College Ali Mackenzie Yr 9 Gymnasium 2016
Sutherland Shire Christian School Gemma McWhirter Yr 8-9 Wenn ich erwachsen bin
William Clarke College Felicity Hingston Yr 9 Nichts ist in Stein gemeißelt

Sekundärstufe Senior
Abbotsleigh Martina Muehlenbernd Yr 10 Sein oder nicht sein
Canberra Girls Grammar School Philippa Reville Yr 10 Wenn ich Groß bin
Good Sheperd Lutheran College Eliane Meyer Yr 10 In die Zukunft sehen
James Nash State High School Cristie Stoddart Yr 10 Ein Notfall
Pymble Ladies' College Melissa Gee Yr 10 Park der Träume
Sutherland Shire Christian School Gemma McWhirter Yr 10 Traumberuf