Finals in Sydney

The topic of the 2017 School Film Festival ‚Deutschland im Jahr 3017‘ has been turned into films in the most diverse ways. Many entries from ACT, NSW and QLD demonstrated how creativity and the study of German can be combined. All participants  enjoyed the production of the short films a lot, which will definitely motivate them to further pursue their interests in the German language.

On 19th October, it finally got serious for the participants: Almost 140 students, teachers and parents were kept in suspense while they were eager to know if their film had won a prize. All of the nine winning teams were able to accept their prizes amid loud applause before they drove back to their schools. All the schools who have not won a prize will receive a consolation prize within the next few weeks.

A big thankyou to all of the participants and many congratulations to the winners!

Finally, we would like to share the SBS Radio Brief aus Sydney with interviews from the School Film Festival (in German):

Audio wird geladen

The Winners

Zombie Apokalypse

Primary Category: 1st Place
Zombie Apokalypse

Lutheran School Wagga Wagga

In Germany 3017 the zombie apocalypse prevails. Will humanity survive?

Die Krankheit

Primary Category: 2nd Place
Die Krankheit

Lutheran School Wagga Wagga

Germany is affected by an epidemic. But  Gummibärchen are the rescue.

3017: Menschen gegen Roboter

Primary Category: 3rd Place
3017: Menschen gegen Roboter

Lutheran School Wagga Wagga

The humans are enslaved by robots. But then they fight back.

Der Besucher

Secondary Junior Category: 1st Place
Träume werden wahr

International Grammar School

A class recieves a visit from the future. The visitor tells them stories about the world in 3017, an appalling world.


Secondary Junior Category: 2nd Place
Gedankenleser 3017

Sutherland Shire Christian School

An invention from the future makes it possible to read thoughts. Whether you want to hear it or not.

Die Menschenfänger von 3017

Secondary Junior Category: 3rd Place
Die Menschenfänger von 3017

Smith Hill High School

Rats take over the world and fight against humans.

Willkommen im Jahr 3017

Secondary Senior Category: 1st Place
Willkommen im Jahr 3017

Pymble Ladies' College

A well drawn clip, which shows the experiences of a todays-girl in the future.

Mit Zeit Wird's Klar

Secondary Senior Category: 2nd Place
Mit Zeit Wird's Klar

William Clarke College

A group of students discuss how Germany will look like in 3017.

Afras 100 Geburtstagsueberraschung

Secondary Senior Category: 3rd Place
Afras 100. Geburtstagsüberraschung

Brisbane State High School

Afra celebrates her 100. birthday together with her friend. None of the girls looks older than 17 years.

The Schools

Brisbane State Highschool:
Caringbah High School:
International Grammar School Sydney:
James Nash State High School:
Lumen Christi Catholic College:
Lutheran School Wagga Wagga:
Pymble Ladies' College:
Shore School:
Smith Hill High School:
St Paul's College:
Sutherland Shire Christian School:
Trinity Christian School:
William Clarke College:

The Participants

Primary category
School Teacher Year Film
Lutheran School Wagga Wagga Lindsie Newham Yr 5 Zombie Apokalypse
Lutheran School Wagga Wagga Lindsie Newham Yr 5 3017 - Die Krankheit
Lutheran School Wagga Wagga Lindsie Newham Yr 5 3017: Menschen gegen Roboter
Secondary Junior
International Grammar School Britta Galfetti Neve Yr 9 Der Besucher
Lumen Christi Catholic College Janine Watters Yr 8 Gummibär Kriege
Lumen Christi Catholic College Janine Watters Yr 8 Zwei
Lumen Christi Catholic College Janine Watters Yr 8 In deinen Händen
Shore School Matthew Baker Yr 9 Deutschland im Jahr 3017
Shore School Matthew Baker Yr 9 Deutschstralier
Smith Hill High School Tanja French Yr 9 Die Menschenfänger von 3017
Sutherland Shire Christian School Gemma MC Whirter Yr 9 Gedankenleser3017
Trinity Christian School Adie Price Yr 9 Der Angriff der Kakerlaken
Secondary Senior
Brisbane State High School Victoria McMillin Yr 10-12 Afras 100. Geburtstagsueberraschung
Caringbah High School Veronika Williamson Yr 10 Nachrichten
James Nash State High School Ben Bleechmore Yr 10 Ausserirdische Invasion
Pymble Ladies' College Melissa Gee Yr 10 Willkommen im Jahr 3017 - THEMA 3017
St Paul's College Kempsey Alison Mackenzie Yr 10 Deutschland in 3017 - AC
Sutherland Shire Christian School Gemma McWhirter Yr 10-12 Deutschland im Jahre 3017
William Clarke College Felicity Hingston Yr 10 Mit Zeit Wird's Klar