Jutta Malnic Exhibition Jutta Malnic Exhibition

Jutta Malnic Mwaga, A Bird at the End of the World © Jutta Malnic

Sat, 05.05.2018 -
Sun, 24.06.2018

Burrinja Cultural Centre

351 Glenfern Rd, Upwey
3158 Melbourne

Photo Series: 'Mwaga, A Bird at the End of the World'

In November, the Goethe-Institut in Sydney presented the world premiere of an exhibition by distinguished photographer, Jutta Malnic: Mwaga, a Bird at the End of the World.
Now, the Goethe-Institut in Melbourne presents the photo series in collaboration with the Burrinja Cultural Centre. 

Jutta Malnic has accumulated a vast collection of photographies over her lifetime. Born in Berlin to a German father and Australian mother, she went to photo school and then acquired her first work experience as a photojournalist in Berlin.

After her family decided to move to Sydney, she began to work as an on-board photographer on a shipping line. Between 1950 and 1969 she went on 72 cruises around the Pacific islands. From the beginning, Jutta Malnic approached her art as a storyteller. It speaks of a connectedness with nature, of family values, and of harmony. Her body of work glows with her ever-growing enchantment with the people and lifestyle around the Pacific.
One example is the photographic series Mwaga, A Bird at the End of the World around the local bird species called Mwaga — a Gannet. Locally referred to as "The Navigator Birds" the ancient Polynesian seafarers used these birds’ behaviour and movements as a navigation tool. The image series tells a tale of the close relationship between humans and animals as they live together in a near-synergetic relationship.

Please join us at the Burrinja Cultural Centre for the exhibition opening on Sunday, 6 May 2018 at 2 pm!

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm