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Specialised Courses

Goal orientated and topic specific - We are offering a variety of special courses.

Dates and Prices

We offer a variety of special courses. You can extend your German knowledge for business, improve your spoken German or learn about literature, art and the country Germany. If you want to get support to prepare for exams or improve your grammar, our language office helps you to pick and book a course.

Would you like to choose the time, frequency and content of your German lessons?
Learning in a group can be daunting for many people but with our private German tuition, you will receive personalised attention from one of our teaching experts to maximise your progress. For those unable to attend classes in person at one of our institutes, private tuition is also available online via Skype. With our one-on-one German lessons, the focus is entirely on you!

Course fees (incl. GST): 
  • 1 lesson of 45 minutes: A$ 75
  • 5 lessons of 45 minutes: A$ 370
  • 10 lessons of 45 minutes: A$ 695 (A$ 680 for second and further package)
  • 20 lessons of 45 minutes: A$ 1360
10 lessons (of 45 minutes):
  • 2 students: $465 per student
  • 3 students: $375 per student
  • 4 students: $325 per student
Variations on these packages - group sizes, number of units - are also available on demand.
Would you like to become more confident in using the German language and to fill some gaps of knowledge? For that we are offering our special grammar course in which you repeat the most important rules of grammar and get the chance to systematize them. No risk of boredom: With actual and varying exercises we will give you the chance to improve your verbal and written skills.
Course details
Course duration 1 week
Start 4 x year
Frequency of classes 5 x week (3 TU per day)
Teaching Units
TU (45 min)
15 TU
Levels A2/B1 or B2/C1
Dates and prices
Let’s chat! Our conversations course is aimed to medium or advanced learners who wish to keep up their language skills. In an informal atmosphere you will have the opportunity to discuss current events in Germany covering a wide range of topics like politics, films, literature and society. At the same time the course will give you the chance to improve your comprehension and general command of spoken German – for sure I addition to that you will learn the latest about Germany. 
Culture talks is a conversation class for C2 students. The contents are topical affairs around society and culture.

Course details
Course duration 10 weeks
Start 4 x year
Frequency of classes 1x week (3 TU per day)
Teaching Units
TU (45 min)
30 TU
Levels C2
Dates and prices

Company Courses

Learn German with the international market leader for German courses

Whether you have German business relations or simply want to provide up-skilling opportunities for your  employees, we can help you and your staff acquire the language skills you need to communicate effectively.

For corporate clients, the Goethe-Institut with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney offers tailor-made courses for small groups, taught on site or online at a time and frequency of your company’s choice. Focus and content of the courses are determined by your company’s requirements and can consist of one or a combination of the following:

Getting around in German speaking countries. Perfect for brief visits and/or simple conversations, whether it is on the phone, face-to-face or in writing.
Communicating with business partners. Includes everyday German but also contains a more
specialised vocabulary pertaining to business situations.
An insight with hands-on information needed to live in Germany or to strengthen ongoing relations with German speaking business partners.
Focus on your company’s field of business.

Further Information

Contact and Enrolment

Interested in one of our language courses or need further information? We're here to help.

Overview of levels A1–C2

Our German courses are based on the levels defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.