Film Tales Of Franz

Tales of Franz © Matthias Grunsky

Sun, 05.06.2022


Palace Norton Street


When Franz discovers the influencer Hank Haber, his two best friends Gabi and Eduard are at first skeptical. But Franz, as the smallest in class, with his unpredictable beeping voice, is very much up for any kind of advice! In addition to his teacher Zick Zack, the queen of the class Elfi is causing him recently headaches. Franz realizes that the seemingly simple path does not lead to the goal when Gabi is suddenly gone. Even his mom and dad are at a loss, and the parents of Gabi anyway. So Franz and Eduard set off on an adventurous search all by themselves – bypassing the terrifying Mrs. Berger - in the end the trio finds again what they thought they had lost: the biggest friendship that can be found in the world

Length: 78 min
Release Year: 2022
Category: Family
Age recommendation: G
Topics: friendship, growing up
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‘Kino for Kids’ will be presented as part of the German Film Festival, presented by Palace Cinemas and German Films.

Tickets will be priced at $13.00 including GST per person for 20+ students with one teacher free per 10 students. Tickets will be priced at $14.00 including GST per person for 10+ groups. Price point for kids/teenager 17 years old and under is $14.00.