Interactive Light Sculpture Vivid Festival: Sentiment Cocoon

Vivid Festival: Sentiment Cocoon Moritz Behrens

Fri, 27.05.2016 -
Sat, 18.06.2016

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Interactive Light Sculpture in Sydney

The award-winning artwork “Sentiment Cocoon” by German architect Moritz Behrens and the Canadian lighting designer Konstantinos Mavromichalis will be exhibited at Vivid, Sydney. The interactive installation seeks to capture and express human sentiment through the medium of light and will illuminate the Royal Botanic Garden during evening hours from 27 May until 18 June.

In collaboration with the audience, the 20 meter tall cocoon will present itself in a new, different light. The sculpture is equipped with a simple interface which allows participants to express how they feel by how they touch. These interactions are then transformed into pulses of light that travel throughout the cocoon. Thanks to this interactive element everybody has the chance to co-create the artwork.

The light sculpture convinced the experts and won in 2015 the annual competition No.8@Arup, which awards innovative installations and sculptures from talented designers and architectural practices.