Concert Ensemble Modern plays Zappa

Ensemble Modern plays Yellow Shark by Zappa Detail: Yellow Shark © Studio Brave

Thu, 15.06.2017

Australian National Academy of Music

South Melbourne Town Hall
Fishley Street
3205 Melbourne

Yellow Shark by Zappa

Ensemble Modern @ ANAM

Frank Zappa composed Yellow Shark in 1992 especially for Ensemble Modern. Tom Waits described it as one of his favourite works, writing "the ensemble is awe-inspiring. It is a rich pageant of texture and colour. It's the clarity of his perfect madness, and mastery. Frank governs with Elmore James on his left and Stravinsky on his right. Frank reigns and rules with the strangest tools." Join members of Ensemble Modern as they work with musicians at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) in this unique and exciting performance.
Johannes Debus will conduct the concert.

They will play: 

Frank Zappas The Adventures of Greggery Peccary

Frank Zappas Yellow Shark