Film Nicht Ohne Uns

Nicht Ohne Uns ©Gemini Film & Library GmbH

Fri, 25.05.2018

Palace Centro Cinemas

39 James St, Fortitude Valley
4006 Brisbane


15 countries, 16 children, 5 continents, 1 voice - As different as their living environment and their personalities are, so much their fears, hopes and dreams are similar, and the impressive reminder to preserve our world. Whether privileged to grow up in the Western affluent society or in the poor regions of Africa or Asia, every single one of these children worries about nature and the consequent destruction of its direct and indirect living space. A movie about the future of our planet which our children will be shaping once - an appeal to all of us: NOT WITH US! 

Length: 87min
Release Year: 2017
Target Group: Junior/Senior
Tickets: Buy indivual and group tickets directly at Palace Cinemas
Rated E: General
To be considered: poverty, environment and pollution, diseases like HIV, but also themes like family and friends. Naked 1-2 year-old children in one scene.

This screening is part of the ‘Kino for Kids’. ‘Kino for Kids’ will be presented as part of the German Film Festival, presented by Palace Cinemas and German Films.
Kino for Kids