Film Lotte & Luise: Twins on Board

Lotte & Luise: Twins on Board © SWR/Hendrik Heiden

Sat, 26.05.2018

Chauvel Cinema

249 Oxford St, Paddington
2021 Sydney

Feature Film

The twins Lotte and Luise have been separated since birth. With completely opposite personalities — adventurous Luise has toured the world with her father and his band, while reserved, piano-playing Lotte stayed in Frankfurt with her journalist mother — the two are utterly shocked when they meet at summer camp. After getting used to the idea that the other exists, they decide to change places. But to deceive her parents in particular proves to be more difficult than thought, because the daughters seem to have changed completely after the camp. 

Length: 93min
Release Year: 2016/7
Target Group: Family
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This screening is part of the ‘Kino for Kids’. ‘Kino for Kids’ will be presented as part of the German Film Festival, presented by Palace Cinemas and German Films.
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