Artist talk Wind generated drawing systems

Cameron Robbins with ShadowPhase © SilverSalt Photography, courtesy of Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

Thu, 08.11.2018

RMIT Gallery

344 Swanston Street
3000 Melbourne

Cameron Robbins in conversation with curator Malte Wagenfeld and Jan van Schaik, RMIT Architecture & Urban Design

Cameron Robbins is an Australian artist based in Castlemaine, Victoria. His work interacts with the elemental forces of the natural world – he works in collaboration with nature. In Dynamics of Air, he presents beautiful paintings that are drawn by the wind. His impressive ‘wind-drawings’ span five metres. They are created via a wind-powered mechanical instrument which transcribes weather patterns into abstract storms of ink onto paper. The drawings are accompanied by a video of the wind machines in action, capturing a symphony of scratching and winding rhythms. Originally installed and recorded at the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) in Tasmania, Robbins’ wind-drawings revealed to audiences the power of nature though invisible phenomena. His wind-drawing machine is due to feature as a permanent installation at Mona, where it will operate for up to a hundred years.

Event series: Dynamics of Air