Film Screening Goodbye Berlin

Tschick Rainer Bajo

Tue, 28.05.2019

Chauvel Cinema

249 Oxford St, Paddington
2021 Sydney


​Fourteen-year-old Maik comes from a wealthy Berlin family. His parents have their own problems and no time for their son. He is an outsider at school until Tschick, a Russian-German, enters the class. Maik travels through East Germany with Tschick and a stolen Lada Niva during the summer holidays. On the way they meet the mysterious Isa and flee from the police...

Type: Feature
Year: 2016
Length: 90 minutes
Level: later
German w /engl Subtitles

Friendship, advendture, youth life, first love expierience, forming identity, family problems 

Blood wounds, adolescents playing ego shooter, imagination of killing father and his affair, father hits son to the ground

Youth language, insulting

Mother is an alcohol addict, Tschick smokes cigarettes