Film Screening Invisible Sue

Invisible Sue farbfilm Verleih GmbH

Tue, 28.05.2019

Palace Electric Cinema

2 Phillip Law S
2601 Canberra


Twelve-year-old Sue loves comics and superheroes. At school she is an outsider and not everything runs smoothly at home. She tries to get more attention from her mother, a hard-working scientist, and surprises her at work. During an explosion in the laboratory, she comes in contact with chemical liquids that make her invisible. Her mother gets kidnapped. Sue tries to track the kipnapper down with the help of her new friends Tobi and App.

Type: Feature
Year: 2018
Lenghts: 95 minutes
Level: middle

arent-child relationship, superheros, invisibility, first love, science and interests.                            

Children knocking adults out, with something like an electric shocker when they try to escape. 

​Language Usage
Youth slang and mild swearing.