Film Festival German Film Festival 2019

Veranstaltungsbild German Film Fest 2019 Palace Cinemas

Tue, 21.05.2019 -
Wed, 12.06.2019

Various locations across Australia

German movies for adults and kids

German-made and co-produced films return in a nationwide festival to Australian cinemas showcasing the best cinematic talent Germany has to offer.

Presented by Palace Cinemas in collaboration with German Films, the program includes a contemporary selection of  31 feature-length films varying from award-winning dramas and box office comedies to documentaries and a selection of short films. 

In order to celebrate the Bauhaus Centenary, the Goethe-Institut co-presents the documentary Bauhaus Spirit - 100 Years of Bauhaus by Niels Bolbrinker which will be shown in all 7 cities. A special treat for those interested in Bauhaus will be the introductions by leading Bauhaus-experts. The Goethe-Institut has asked academics in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to share their expertise when introducing the film. 

As in the past year, we present a special film program dedicated to families, children and teens. Presented by the Goethe-Institut, the Kino for Kids sidebar will provide a six-film feast for young audiences. This section particularly invites schools to attend the Festival to engage with German culture and learn the language. 

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