Performance & Artist Talk SKIN: Performance and Talk in Melbourne

Fri, 01.11.2019

Lucy Guerin Inc

28 Batman St
3003 Melbourne

Roland Walter und Renae Shadler at Lucy Guerin Inc

SKIN is a new dance duet that explores the poetry of the human body and our relationship to the surfaces we move across. In this piece Australian choreographer and dancer Renae Shadler and German performer Roland Walter, who has full-body spastic paralysis, work with water, textiles and movement on stage.

The focus is on how warm water affects our skin. Where and how does it lead to wrinkles? How do muscles relax when they come into contact with water? And what effect does water have on the bodies of each artist? In this project three distinct bodies come closer together – Renae, Roland and water.
In addition, Roland and Renae will participate in a teaching workshop. The workshops are intended to give young people in particular the opportunity to rediscover and accept their own bodies.

Roland Walter
Roland Walter is a Berlin-based dance artist with full-body spastic paralysis. Despite his disability, he enjoys experimenting with his body on stage and showing that anyone can live a creative life if they truly want to. He has been an official inclusion ambassador since May 2015.

Renae Shadler
Renae Shadler is an independent choreographer, dancer and project initiator working between Berlin and Melbourne. She works across a variety of contexts from dance on stage and major festivals, to museum events and outdoor public engagement projects.

Roland and Renae performing SKIN in Hamburg at Monsun Theatre:

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