Workshop Moving Sculpture

Moving Sculpture Koa Art Collectiv

Fri, 25.10.2019 -
Sun, 10.11.2019

Tamarama Beach - Bondi

Performative Workshop at "Sculpture by the Sea"

Choreographer Katja Keya Richter and yoga teacher and dancer Zuzanna Barbara Bukowski from the Koa Art Collectiv are coming to Sydney to take part in the world´s largest free sculpture exhibition Sculpture by the Sea. Together they will run a free workshop to prepare a series of five collective performances in a public space. The result is a collective made of both fabric and performers. Working with choreography, voice work, puppetry and improvisation dance, the creature evolves as a movable structure dancing in the wind.

All sessions and venues:

Friday the 25th of October: meeting 5:30 pm, start 7:00pm at Marks Park
Sunday the 27th of October: meeting 2:00 pm, start 3:00pm at Tamarama Beach
Saturday the 2nd of November: meeting 5:30 pm, start 6:00pm at Marks Park
Wednesday the 6th of November: meeting 5:30 pm, start 6:00pm at Tamarama Beach
Sunday the 10the of November: meeting tbc, start tbc at Marks Park

If you want to be part of this exciting project, contact: