Design Festival MEDUSA: Plastique Fantastique

Medusa - Plastique Fantastique Plastique Fantastique

Fri, 15.11.2019 -
Sun, 17.11.2019

Commonwealth Place

Queen Elizabeth Terrace
Canberra City

Art installation at Design Canberra Festival

A highlight of the 2019 DESIGN Canberra festival will be the work of acclaimed Berlin-based design team, Plastique Fantastique, a platform for temporary architecture which samples the performative possibilities of urban environments. Established in Berlin in 1999, it has specialised in creating pneumatic installations as adaptable, low energy spaces. The transparent, lightweight and mobile shell structures relate to the notion of activating, creating and sharing public space and involving citizens in creative processes. Plastique Fantastique’s installations represent experimentation and collaboration, and are an exciting expression of contemporary European design. Pneumatic architecture creates astonishing forms and enormous inhabitable spaces using a membrane that is readily reducible and transportable.

In Commonwealth Place, the installation MEDUSA will revitalise the waterfront inviting the citizens into the creative process. MEDUSA is 250 cubic meter space deflating to a 50kg package for shipping to other locations to be re-installed. Architecture, once static and rooted to a place is now a traveling laboratory that can test its effectiveness almost anywhere. Medusa is made of transparent TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), a material that can easily be recycled and at a certain point upcycled to become reusable rain jackets.

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