Open Call: EthicAI=LABS

Ethical Labs BiH 03.2021 © Goethe-Institut Bulgaria

Goethe-Instituti iz jugoistočne Evrope pozivaju vas da učestvujete u online programu EthicAI = LABS.

Cilj projekta je stvoriti prostor za sveobuhvatnu kritičku raspravu o etici u umjetnoj inteligenciji u regiji i omogućiti umrežavanje učesnika.
Tražimo stručnjake iz različitih područja nauke i umjetnosti koji će biti dio radne grupe i sudjelovati u šestomjesečnom online programu s radionicama i drugim događajima. Predviđeno je da radne grupe naprave završni rad (npr. algoritam, članak, umjetničko djelo, dokument zagovaranja ili slično). Više informacija o projektu, programima i rasporedu aktivnosti možete pronaći ovdje: (Open Call na engleskom jeziku)

The Goethe-Institutes in South-East Europe announce an open call for participants in the online program EthicAI=LABS, part of the regional project EthicAI=Academy for AI & Ethics. The project aims at opening a cross-genre space for critical conversation about AI and Ethics in the region.

We are looking for experts from various fields to build working groups and participate in a 6-months online program of workshops and networking events and to contribute in the end with a collaborative work (e.g. algorithm, article, publication, artwork, advocacy document or other experimental formats).

Thematic framework

The project focuses of following aspects regarding AI & Ethics:
  • Linguistics: language acquisition, processing and translation; language as communication between humans and AI
  • Bias: cognitive processing, human error, discrimination, data privacy; AI eliminating or amplifying human bias
  • Creativity: creativity done by algorithms, copyright and censorship
  • Media: the use of private data for political polarization, propaganda and advertising, the future of deepfakes.
EthicAI=Labs is an open laboratory for cross-genre experiments. Each of the participating Goethe-Instituts (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Turkey) will select 3 people from different fields in their countries. Within this network, participants will be divided into working groups of 3, each focusing on one of the main topics of the project.

The online program will offer:
  • 4x 2 day-long thematic AI=Labs, consisting of public lectures, closed workshops, parallel cultural events etc.
  • 1x 1-day closed professional networking event for specialists, organisatons and companies working in the field of AI in the region of SEE. 
  • 1x 1-day EthicAI=Summit or final conference of the project with lecturers and specialists from whole Europe
  • Various closed and smaller working sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Fellowship of 700 Euro.
  • Small production budget per working group.
The program aims at creating an open and collaborative space and to encourage participants not only to participate, but also actively engage in the whole program, by having the chance to nominate experts to be invited to lecture, working sessions and mentoring talks.
The project aims to research and reflect on up-to-date issues related with the proposed topics with focus of the ethical side of the AI in the human life. The aim of the project is to set an open framework to discuss and present wide variety of perspectives and aspects towards the AI systems in relation to humanity.

The selected participants will share and elaborate on their understanding and contribution to the research topics from the point of view of ethics in the context of politics, policies, economics.
The open call is directed to:
  • Philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, politologists and other specialists in humanities;
  • IT specialists, programmers, data scientists, web developers;
  • Artists, curators, cultural workers, culturologists;
  • Writers, activists, community leaders and any other specialists being interested and having experience and professional interest in artificial intelligence. 
Open for young and emerging applicants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania and Turkey.

A working group of up to three people will be formed in each country. Participants in the working groups should be young and emerging specialists interested in the overall thematic framework of the project Each team of three includes a participant with a background in: (1) Arts and Culture (2) Philosophy, Social Sciences or Law and (3) Technology.

The participants should be collaborative, open to new perspectives on problematic topics, proactive drivers of multisided conversations. The participants in this project are driven by curiosity, able to independently research new topics and explore opportunities for local partnerships.
  • share their expertise with peers and proactively research the thematic framework of the project; share and discuss insights and learnings;
  • expand their network of local experts / explore partnerships with institutions in the South-East Europe region;
  • nominate experts to be invited to the program;
  • report outcomes and learning of the events in the form of media articles, interviews, blogposts, etc.;
  • collaborate to produce final output (eg. artwork, algorithm, paper) and present it to a wider audience of stakeholders at the final event;
  • attend monthly meetings with peers and Goethe-Institutes coordinators.
The project will take place online in the period June-November 2021 and will include the laboratory program EthicAI=LABS as well as a series of online events.
Send the following documents in English, by April 9th 2021, at midnight CET:
  • CV
  • Cover letter sharing what is your experience with AI and Ethics and why you would like to be part of this project, up to 300 words.
  • Certificates, portfolio, recommendations from relevant institutions if applicable
Send these as attached PDF files to with subjectline "AI-Bosnia - Application".
If you have any more questions about the project contact us at: