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Gabriel Grote

Gabriel Grote
Gabriel Grote | © Gabriel Grote

Sound engineer Gabriel Grote, visited Dhaka twice in July and in September 2018 for two Spund Engineering Workshops.


My first impression of Bangladesh…
What chaotic traffic.

Things in Dhaka that remind me of my home town …
The city vibrates and is immensely inspirational.

Something that caught my attention in Bangladesh (and that is rather unusual in Germany)…
Eating with one’s fingers.  At first, completely unfamiliar. But later I really enjoyed it, a special experience. And the goat meat – very, very delicious.

A memory of Bangladesh that will stay…
The people. They impressed me greatly, the gratitude and friendliness. I was deeply affected.

Gabriel Grote, born in 1979, studied sound engineering (Tonmeister) at the Erich-Thienhaus-Institut of the Conservatory of Music Detmold (Musikhochschule Detmold) and finished his studies in 2007 with the diploma degree. After first work experiences at the sound branding unit of the design company MetaDesign in Berlin, he founded his own company bg audiodesign together with his colleague, Prof. Henning Birkenhake. Since 2010, Gabriel Grote teaches music production and sound design at the SRH University of Popular Arts in Berlin.