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21-23 August
DareCon! - join us

The developments of the past few weeks have shown that the difficult situation in connection with COVID-19 will last longer and will require responsible action by everyone worldwide. As a consequence, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel dareCon 2020. Stay safe!

dareCon© Goethe-Institut Melbourne

dare to shape your future!

To dare something, that's what it's all about! At the convention, you will discuss with young people how you imagine your future - and what you dare to make this future happen.

Please note: We are closely monitoring the situation caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID19). At this stage we are planning to go ahead as we cannot predict how the situation will develop until August. We still encourage you to apply and we will keep you updated! Please follow dareCon! on instagram or facebook. 

How do you imagine your future? That is the central question here. Together with young teams from the organization “Jugend hackt” you will work on your future projects in various workshops and will give your generation a voice. You will learn storytelling with Instagram, practice coding future spaces in VR, and publish podcasts on topics that matter to you. You also discuss problems like fake news or the risks of using AI. And you can take an active part in the program by sharing your digital engagement in Ted Talks, panel discussions or on a podcast.

Since the exchange is the focus, the language should not be a barrier, which is why main language will be English. The other participants also learn German and look forward to the opportunity to apply their knowledge in conversation with you.
What exactly is the seminar for accompanying teachers?

All accompanying teachers will take part in a two-day seminar that provides new ideas for digital lesson design as well as thematic regional and cultural aspects and active exchange of experiences.

The seminar leader is Eva Spiesberger. Eva has been teaching and examining at the Goethe Institute in Melbourne since 2009. She teaches at all levels of the European frame of reference, corporate, adult, youth and online courses and holds professional development training courses and workshops for German teachers across Australia. She also supports and designs materials for international programs for German teachers and students at schools in Australia and abroad, e.g. at the Asian-Pacific German Olympics in Thailand and Indonesia.
Students between the ages of 15 and 17 and German teachers can apply for dareCon!. Each country selects 6 students and an accompanying teacher to represent them at dareCon!. Around 70 students and 10 accompanying teachers will take part.

20 August: Flight to Bangkok
21-22 August: dareCon! in Bangkok
23 August: Excursion in Bangkok organized by the Goethe-Institut Australia and Bangkok
23 August in the evening (or August 24 in the morning): Return flight

The country teams fly together and are accompanied by a teacher from their country.

The convention takes place in Bangkok.

The hotel where we will stay and where the convention will take place will be announced here soon. Students stay in twin rooms, teachers in single rooms.

Participation in the dareCon! is free of charge. In addition, the costs for travel, meals and accommodation are covered. Plan a small travel budget so that you can treat yourself to snacks and souvenirs before departure and on site.
6 young people and a German teacher from each country can participate at dareCon! in Bangkok. You can apply by 15th May 2020.

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