Film Screening Berlinale Spotlight World Cinema Fund 2020

Film Screening and Q&A discussion

Berlinale Spotlight World Cinema Fund 2020” showcases a selection of films supported by World Cinema Fund. WCF is an initiative of Berlin International Film Festival, along with Federal Foundation for Culture and in cooperation with Goethe-Institut, Foreign Ministry and German producers, with an ambition to develop and support cinema in regions with a weak film infrastructure, while fostering cultural diversity in German cinemas. The support is focused in regions and countries: Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Caucasus as well as Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia and Sri Lanka.
In this edition of “Berlinale Spotlight World Cinema Fund 2020”, Goethe-Institut Bangladesh brings six outstanding international productions – one in each month, carefully picked from more than two hundred supported projects so far. Each of them are remarkable for their distinctive cinematic vision, artistic quality and presents original stories of the region they are made in. It is notable that they made lasting impressions through their selection in leading festivals and winning major awards too.
Film schedule and the name of the opening film to be announced later.
Programme details – screening followed by Q/A with director moderated by Sara Afreen
Watching modality and links – vimeo link, zoom link for Q/A