Concert Mahaphon Clang – Mela Thing 2014

Indo-German Improvised Music

Mehaphon Clang is a musical composition, consisting of the young German band Lautstark!4 (“Vociferous!4”) and the internationally well-known percussionist Ramesh Shotham. Their name is a word creation form Sanskrit, Greek and English. Maha means great, phon means sound, and is also the unit for perceived loudness, and clang is just clang.
In February 2014, Mahaphon Clang will play concerts with their very own compositions in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Each concert will be unique, since the music will be partially improvised and rearranged live on stage. Therefore, the musicians will interact with city, audience and space.
The music is inspired by classical South Indian and up-to-date improvised music, by Free Jazz, European avant-garde and Indian popular music styles, such as Tamil Pop, Bhangra (Panjabi) Beat, Bollywood, as well as Dubstep and Funk.